Paleo Diet

The Basics of the Paleo Diet
What you can eat:
· Meats
· Nuts
· Vegetables
· Fruits
· Egg Whites and Egg Yolk
· Fish and Seafoods
· Natural oils like avocado, coconut, olive, butter or ghee from grassfed cows.


Juicing Lifestyle

By Juicing Organic Fruits & Vegetables, you can drive change by providing the missing nutrients your body needs. By accomplishing a daily REGULATED LIFE “regime”, you can see changes take place in your mind, body, spirit, and ways of relationships that are formed and maintained.


Helping Hand

By learning of surrounding communities around you, you are the Center, and by focusing on your Core, you can help strengthen the communities that provide the forces to you.

Joining volunteer groups, setting the right intention and message will help drive the change you can help influence others to do.


Electromagnetic Waves Effect on Body & Mind

A topic of discussion leads to the question of electronic dependance and effect on body, mind, and spirit. There are a number of initiatives that can be pursued to minimize the exposure to radiation, given today’s extreme, surrounding dependance, on electronics, computers, screens, and mobile phones.

A descriptive term by educating a philosophy to an audience with the word “Electronics” doesn’t do the job, unless we help educate where the dependance is, by providing a breakdown, showing awareness to the users of these forces, so all can understand what actually each is involved in and whether what they signed up for was originally what they thought they were to achieve.

Focus Project

Improving the essential characteristics which creates our environment, our real time living, and future.  Without focusing on what you are aware of and what you know, you cannot change the direction of the future, unless you change the direction of the present.  Otherwise, the present will turn into the future.  The future is based off of the past, so what you are today is a result of your past and if you are happy, keep continuing, and if you are not happy, make a change and influence others to make the change too.